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Big Little Solutions was born to offer the guarantee of leaving your home in caring hands. Our services are a mix of big and small solutions, ranging from maintaining your home to a VIP welcome; shopping; flowers; check in and check out and solving everyday problems that may occur in a residence.

About Us

We are experts in VIP services. We are passionate about providing solutions, big or small, while managing your second home.


We offer simple approaches to complex processes, combining rigorous professionalism with sophisticated quality.


Our work is continuous, every day looking for new experiences, new ideas of service. That’s why we can provide our clients with all the knowledge they need to manage their home.


We are multilingual professional concierges for our clients, and we combine this with a customer-focused business, providing exceptional service in multiple areas.


  • Maintenance and proper functioning of the home
  • Visits to your home with the agreed frequency
  • Direct contact with the alarm system company
  • Sending images of your home in real time
  • Laundry or dry cleaning services
  • Management and coordination of repairs
  • Coordination of cleaning person or service
  • Care for your plants and personal object
"I have received unbeatable treatment: I have found my house in perfect conditions. François is a true professional: perfectionist, polite, punctual and attentive."

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