About me

My name is Luis Delpero and I am an expert in VIP services. My job, and my passion, is providing you with small and large solutions while managing your second residence, your second home.

I seek simple approaches to complex processes that mix strict professionalism with sophisticated quality.

My job is continuous, each day searching for new experiences from the business and luxury world. In this way, I can provide my clients all the necessary knowledge to manage their homes.

After 18 years breadth of experience in different areas, my passion has become my job: I am a multilingual professional concierge for clients, and I combine that with a business focus centered around the client, providing outstanding service across multiple sectors.

Throughout my experience, I learned to work with a wide variety of clients, while developing meticulous organizational skills, allowing me to completely manage situations.

As the founder and director of my own business, I understand the need to treat each client in a personalized manner, with a primary focus on service, honesty, respect, kindness, ethics, and understanding.

My knowledge of the area, events, tourism, gastronomy, and culture, as well as my ability to communicate in English, French, Spanish, and Catalan, allow me to understand much better the needs of my clients, and provide them with the best services and recommendations.

“Service through trust” is my motto.