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The definition of “concierge” derives from the Latin term “conservó,” which was used for the “guardian of the lamps,” a term for the person who was responsible for satisfying every wish or request by palace visitors in the Fourth Century. Many centuries later, King Louis XI adopted the term “Le Portier,” a term first used in 1195 to describe trusted staff, who satisfied all of the demands of the palace guests.

Big Little

A select group of close friends expressed to me their concerns about the second homes in Barcelona: the need for security; the importance of ensuring functionality; the desire to arrive to their second homes and find everything working and arranged as they like.

It was then that the idea of offering to them concierge services occurred to me. Moreover, I wanted to offer a service that went beyond typical care for a home to the exceptional: a home where a return, even after months, would be clean, comfortable, and with unique details, providing you a luxurious welcome.

My experience, expanded by the experience of my colleagues, resulted in a perfect combination to put into practice.

That is how Big Little Solutions was born, providing a guarantee of leaving a home in caring hands. My services are a mix of large and small solutions, including care for the home, a VIP welcome, buying things prior to arrival, decoration with flowers, and solving everyday problems that could arise in a residence.

Whatever is possible: changing airline tickets, restaurant reservations, car rental arrangements, translations, city tours, tourist information, arranging visits to jewelry stores, art galleries, and much more.

Thanks to my experience, my clients can rest calm and confident that their homes are in good hands.